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Why choose Fiber Corp?

  1. We are the fastest super-fast broadband wholesale carrier in Australia with the capabilities of achieving speeds up to 10GB to sites
  2. Fiber Corp will enable a guaranteed internet capability for residents – This includes true fiber to the premise (FTTP)
  3. We are the only wholesale carrier in Australia that uses Government approved hardware – just ask us why?
  4. Fiber Corp will pre-connect all apartments with 14 days free internet with any one of its service providers this will include voice services – no additional charges for your end users plug and play
  5. Fiber Corp will provide preliminary consulting
  6. Fiber Corp will provide fiber lead-in for site
  7. Fiber Corp will provide essential service lines
  8. Fiber Corp will provide, supply, and install fiber infrastructure overlay Foxtel and Free to air with 4-5 international stations
  9. Fiber Corp will supply and install IP Video Intercom - Urmet
  10. Fiber Corp will supply and Install IP CCTV - Urmet
  11. Fiber Corp will supply and install IP Access Control - Urmet
  12. Fiber Corp will supply and install IP Number plate reader and software
  13. Fiber Corp will supply and install Public / Private Wi-fi across the precinct
  14. Fiber Corp will enable hotel style environment for serviced apartments
 Fiber Corp Building Infrastructure

 What makes us different from our competitors?

  1. Fiber Corp don’t just stop at Fiber, we go into each building and offer technology solutions
  2. Fiber Corp is the only private operating super-fast broadband wholesale carrier company in Australia that complies with both NBN Legislation and Design, meaning we use Government approved hardware unlike our competitors
  3. Fiber Corp use the same hardware as the NBNCo, we just went to the United States to see how they connected 23 million end users to the same technology and replicated it here
  4. Fiber Corp thrive on providing innovative solutions and are constantly developing and/or working with vendors to provide the best solutions possible
  5. Fiber Corp offer a unique selling proposition when it comes to selling your apartments especially in today’s competitive market
  6. Fiber Corp have the capabilities to get up to 10Gbps speeds (the RSP’s in Australia are not enabling this yet) that’s 100 x faster than the NBNCo. If you haven’t already watched this Four Corners Report on “What’s wrong with the NBN”
  7. Fiber Corp utilise the project PC and OC dates as our milestones for activation and completion
  8. Fiber Corp will not delay the deployment of internet and voice capabilities, so as the end user can walk into an already connected home.


Interesting fact:

Did you know...

The legislation states if you are building 100 units/apartments or more, the NBN should be your last resort.




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