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Public and Private Wifi Solutions

Today, the general public expect to be able to connect through free or paid Wi-Fi, wherever they are.

By definition, public venues are often large areas needing many wireless access points. This can be challenging from an implementation perspective and needs an in-depth understanding of Wi-Fi behaviour.

Fiber Corp has significant experience in public venues including museums, shopping centres and stadiums.

The retail sector is arguably where Wi-Fi will be leveraged more than anywhere else over the next few years.

Wi-Fi can act as an added avenue for retailers to communicate with shoppers. Ultimately it can directly lead to increased time that customers spend in-store through tailored marketing and promotional offers.

Through Bluetooth technology, another wireless medium, extremely accurate location-based promotions can be pushed to customers’ phones or tablets.

Wi-Fi now operates at such high speeds that many corporate offices are switching to 100% wireless.

Staff connecting their own devices to the corporate Wi-Fi, and increasing demands for quality voice and video over IP (internet protocol) are seeing rapid uptake of wireless in offices.

Staff and visitors using corporate Wi-Fi can pose security risks as well as substantial added IT administration.

In addition to supplying and deploying Wi-Fi hardware, Fiber Corp provides software that ensures secure access to the network with minimal IT intervention. This allows IT staff to be more strategic in their focus.

Other example sectors include:


Wi-Fi solutions include: